about the art

Eyes of the Elders is an infinite series of tree paintings.

All work is original, created with earth pigments and wildcrafted paints on locally foraged wood rounds and finished with a plant-based sealant ensuring the pure energy of the tree is maintained while creating zero waste.


The pieces are inspired by the natural curves, aspects and life stories of the wood and are birthed layer by layer through a visual channel between myself and the tree.

Each piece comes out as unique as the tree it comes from.


As a series, Eyes of the Elders is an homage to our own wild nature, our ancestral relations to the land, and the boundless aspects of reality, both seen and unseen, within the elemental world.


about the artist

I was born in the Midwest but found my wild nature and soul calling as a creator amongst the mountains of the Rockies and forests of the Pacific Northwest.

I am a self-taught woodworker, painter and musician.


The seeds of all my creative manifestations come from my intimate relationship with the elemental realm, plant and animal kingdoms, and the Great Mystery.


currently showing:

Artwood Gallery

Fairhaven, WA

Wandering Oaks Gallery

April - June 2021

Bellingham, WA

The Lucky Dumpster

Edison, WA