about the art

Eyes of the Elders is an ongoing series of tree paintings.

All work is original, created with earth pigments and wildcrafted walnut husk stain on locally foraged wood rounds. All are sealed with a plant-based sealant.

The rounds come from the forest, the side of the road, alleyways in town, friends, or however they choose to find me. I do all the foraging, cutting, sawing, carving, and sanding myself. Painting is only the final part of the process.

At its core, I consider my art to be the way I transmute and translate the energy of the human experience in relation to the elemental world...mainly the collective dissolution of our perceived separation from the natural world.


Every piece carries its own essence, an enhanced vibration of the tree it comes from. My intention is to bring forth what needs to come through most in the present moment as clear as I can. While this is forever evolving, the raw earth energy of each tree remains dominant.


No design is known or thought out before the painting begins. Each piece is birthed in layers through a visual channel between myself and the tree. The unfolding is an intuitive dance of call and response, of listening and feeling. All are inspired by the natural curves, aspects and life stories of the individual round.


The pieces are vastly different and yet relate through the raw elements of creation. Each piece tends to speak most to individuals who are an energetic match to the specific essence the tree is carrying, and this is how the trees tend to find their homes.

Eyes of the Elders is an homage to our inherent relations to the land, our wild roots, our ancestors, their ability to create within natural law, and the boundless aspects of reality, seen and unseen, within this beautiful Earth.


about the artist


I am a self-taught woodworker, painter and musician.

The seeds of all my creations come from my connection to the elemental realm, plant and animal kingdoms, and the Great Mystery.

I currently craft in Bellingham, Washington.